Meet the Artist

Christine Harkey

Maker of jewelry, crowns, shrines, and paintings.

I mostly make jewelry handcrafted from vintage elements, reclaimed found objects, sparkly bits, and antique knicknackery.

My grandmother Hazel, who loved anything purple and shiny, is my artistic inspiration. One of my favorite memories is playing in her jewelry box and trying to wear everything at once. I think I still do that.

I love vintage jewelry, and like to repurpose things in interesting combinations. It is very meaningful to take gears, coins, rhinestones, and all the old stuff I can get my hands on and give them new life as a necklace, ring, bracelet or a unique assemblage.

I am a newly retired art teacher living in Chapel Hill, NC. It was always my goal to inspire students to think creatively and understand how the artistic process can play a role in their life.